Rustic Christmas Tree Wood Ornament With Twine And Beads Simple Rustic Ornaments

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New for 2021 - a beautiful wood slice design with our "all is calm all is bright" holiday ornament with a simple christmas tree and subltle wording. perfect rustic christmas tree ornament.  The wood pieces are finished with a handmade twine bow and a wood bead.  The finished look is gorgeous and completely unique! Your customers will love these pieces!   Wood piece is sized at 2" x 3"  ***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to the literal "nature" of these wood slices, there will be some very minor imperfections on the surface of the pieces as well as some variations of colors among the batches of ornaments. We can not control that aspect of the naturalness of this unique ornament. We do hand select the best cuts, but even so, there will be slight variations in colors and small knots that show through adding to the rustic feel of the ornaments. Thanks for your understanding!