Your Signature Style Awaits at Signastyle Home

Signastyle Home is dedicated to transforming every house into a home with an eclectic mix of modern, vintage, and antique items. Signastyle (pronounced sig·nuh·stile) truly embodies the essence of finding your unique signature style.

Our stores feature a carefully curated selection of high-quality, design-driven products for every aspect of the home. With an array of well-crafted goods from local makers and global artisans, along with our diverse line of uniquely designed furniture, your house will feel like home in no time.

Kelly Kuehneman, the founder and principal designer of Kelly Annalise Interiors and Signastyle Home, is renowned for her distinct signature style. Her designs blend current trends, artful distinction, and comfort, resulting in elegant and timeless creations. Kelly's design philosophy and love for found objects resonate with clients and customers alike, enabling her to create inviting and stylish spaces that are both sophisticated and comfortable.

Kelly's design approach comes to life through Signastyle Home and Kelly Annalise Interiors, where we bring her signature aesthetic into your homes, offering a piece of her refined and laid-back style to customers across the United States.

I strive to bring the perfect balance of elegance and comfort to your home, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that you’ll never want to leave. Focusing on creative solutions that bring your vision to life and reflect your style and personality, I design rooms that are both inspiring and livable, adding comfort and timeless beauty to any space. Create the look you’ve always dreamed of with my help. I’m excited to share my passion for design with you through my blog, products, and services. Whether you're shopping online, visiting our shoppes, or collaborating on a design project, my goal is to help you create a space that not only meets your functional needs but also reflects your unique personality and style.

About Kelly

Kelly Kuehneman is the Principal Designer and Founder of Kelly Annalise Interiors, the My Signature Style Blog, and the retail brand Signastyle Home—your ultimate destinations for elevated and timeless home living.

Kelly's passion for design and creativity began in her childhood, inspiring her to pursue a career in graphic design. She graduated from Miami University with degrees in Fine Art and Marketing and went on to run a successful graphic design business, Graficus Design Group LLC, for over 30 years. In 2019, she launched Rustic Barn Boutique, which rebranded in 2022 as Signastyle Home, followed shortly thereafter by the creation of Kelly Annalise Interiors. Both brands offer a unique and thoughtfully curated collection of furniture, home decor, gift items, and more, transforming any house into a warm and inviting home.

Beyond her design work, Kelly is an avid dog lover who enjoys drawing, painting, and spending time in nature, especially with her family and dogs.