Kelly Kuehneman

Hello! and welcome to Signastyle (formerly Rustic Barn Boutique). My name is Kelly and I’ve had a passion for design and all things creative ever since I was a young child. I loved creating things with my hands, painting and drawing. As I grew older my love of designing also grew so when I went off to college, I decided to embark on a career in graphic design. Since I really had no formal training, I was nervous to say the least. To be safe, I decided to get two degrees, one in Fine Art (with a minor in Arts Management) and the other in Business (Marketing). The workload was heavy, but it only helped to further fuel my passion. So much so, that one year after graduating college I started my own graphic design business, Graficus Design Group (, which I’ve done for almost the past 30 years. In tandem with my love of graphic design my love for interior design and antiques grew. As a result, I decided to branch out and begin refinishing vintage furniture and antiques as well as create items by hand to sell. Hence, Rustic Barn Boutique was born. That journey began in 2019 and my boutique has now grown to include home décor, fine furniture, apparel, and gifts.

At the beginning of 2022 I rebranded my boutique under the company name Signastyle Home to better encompass the breadth of the items I carry. Signastyle lets you style your space with a curated collection of items found and new. Specializing in uniquely designed furniture, home decor, gift items, apparel and accessories, Signastyle offers an eclectic mix of modern, vintage and antique items to make any house feel like home. Some items are hand-designed by me, some are vintage pieces that I have hand picked, and others are newly manufactured items that fit within our niche. Whatever your preference, you’re likely to find something that meets your taste! So please look around and check back often as new items are added regularly.

I now also offer interior design services to help you create the home you love. My services include, but are not limited to, kitchen refreshes, materials selection, color assistance, full home design, home staging and creating a decorating budget to help you put together a general home decor planning budget so you can then decide your next steps. My residential design services assist clients with a wide range of challenges including decorating a functional, beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, and accessories; selecting architectural details and finishes; and creating custom pieces tailor-made for your living space. You can contact me to request an in-person design consultation or visit my blog for design inspiration.

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The "Barn" Backdrop for Rustic Barn Boutique

The Smiley Barn