Furniture Transformation

Stools are such a fun piece of furniture to paint. If you've followed my blog, you'll see I've painted a few piano stools in the past. This little stool belonged to my mother-in-law. She actually had two of them. After she passed away I brought them home knowing I could do something with them. One of them I ended up painting to match my daughter's dresser so she could use it as a vanity stool in her college apartment. I then built a shelf for her bathroom, painted it to mach and painted some mason jars to add to her existing neutral decor. You can see pics below.

The other one I decided to exercise a bit more creativity to sell at an upcoming local show. I knew I wanted to do something colorful, so I painted an ombre effect on the bottom half and decoupaged the top with a beautiful peacock. I then painted the edges to blend the peacock design onto the sides. It turned out great and was one of the first pieces I sold at my booth during the show!