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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Furniture Transformation

Stools are such a fun piece of furniture to paint. If you've followed my blog, you'll see I've painted a few piano stools in the past. This little stool belonged to my mother-in-law. She actually had two of them. After she passed away I brought them home knowing I could do something with them. One of them I ended up painting to match my daughter's dresser so she could use it as a vanity stool in her college apartment. I then built a shelf for her bathroom, painted it to mach and painted some mason jars to add to her existing neutral decor. You can see pics below.

The other one I decided to exercise a bit more creativity to sell at an upcoming local show. I knew I wanted to do something colorful, so I painted an ombre effect on the bottom half and decoupaged the top with a beautiful peacock. I then painted the edges to blend the peacock design onto the sides. It turned out great and was one of the first pieces I sold at my booth during the show!

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Antique Copper Lined Humidor Cabinet - Signastyle Boutique

Antique Copper Lined Humidor Cabinet

During the first half of the 20th century most homes had humidors in their living rooms. A homemaker usually placed one next to her husband's favorite chair, and smokers stored their tobacco and smoking accessories in the copper lined cabinet. The copper lining helped keep the tobacco fresh.

This particular cabinet is likely from the 1920's. It originally had a black marble top (you can see it in the last picture), but has since been removed. It is otherwise in excellent condition. A little clean up and some furniture polish further brought out its beauty. Nothing else needed for this unique item!

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.

~ Erin Flett

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
An Antique Table Worth Saving - Signastyle Boutique

An Antique Table Worth Saving

I instantly fell in love with this antique table. Especially those legs! Honestly, I would have loved to merely clean it up and keep it stained, but unfortunately, the back panel of the table was completely split and the top was split as well. I soon realized it was going to take some major repair to get this table solid again.

I began by taking the table apart, which was not an easy task since the entire table was put together with dowel pins. Some of them were broken on the one side, which paved the way to taking it apart. Getting it back together required new dowel pins, wood glue, bondo and pipe vices. Not to mention lots of elbow grease!

Given the wood repair and bondo, I had no choice but to paint this beauty, but I opted to keep the top as rustic as possible to maintain some of the piece's original charm.

The end result? A new look for an old piece that can now be enjoyed for many more years to come!

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
French Country Desk and Chair - Signastyle Boutique

French Country Desk and Chair


A beautiful writing desk / vanity / console table for your office, bedroom, kitchen or foyer. So many possibilities! Hand painted with medium distressing for an adorable cottage, shabby chic, French country or farmhouse style look.

This has been painted in a soft cream with dark wax and distressed for added character with a beautiful knotty pine top. The neutral color scheme of this piece would be a lovely addition to a multitude of decor settings. Featuring one center drawer when curved legs, this piece is strong and sturdy! The cane bottom chair has been painted to match and can be purchased separately or as a set.

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Rustic "Sweet Serenity" Accent Table - Signastyle Boutique

Rustic "Sweet Serenity" Accent Table

Introducing “Sweet Serenity”

Made of solid wood with a dovetail drawer, this cheery accent table is adorned with a beautiful floral pattern. The drawer has a coordinating stripe pattern on the sides and a matching floral pattern inside. Blended in shades of red, green and pink this functional table is an ideal accent piece to any room in the house!!

Dimensions: 14” wide x 24” high x 14” deep.

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Ornate Coffee Table with French Poem - Signastyle Boutique

Ornate Coffee Table with French Poem

This one-of-kind coffee table is truly a conversation piece. Just look at all those ornate details! It has been hand-painted in a beautiful soft gray and off white with a script French poem painted on top. The base has dark wax added to enhance the ornate beauty of the piece, and the top has a matte protective poly topcoat for added durability. The curves, carvings and ornamental design of this beauty are second to none.

Dimensions: 39” wide x 17.5” tall x 21” deep

See the before pics below...this one took some elbow grease!

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Shabby Chic Side Table - Signastyle Boutique

Shabby Chic Side Table

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December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Before and After: Small Accent Tables - Signastyle Boutique

Before and After: Small Accent Tables

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December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Before and After: Ornate Mirrored Cart - Signastyle Boutique

Before and After: Ornate Mirrored Cart

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December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Vintage Nesting Tables - Signastyle Boutique

Vintage Nesting Tables

This vintage set of three nesting tables and coordinating side table with shelf is modernized in a handsome deep mustard with translucent brown glaze. The tops are a deep Java stain. The all-wood tables feature a hand painted finish and have been protected with matte poly. This set is great for entertaining and providing extra space when needed. Available just in time for Christmas! Message for details.

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Antique Wardrobe Makeover - Signastyle Boutique

Antique Wardrobe Makeover

A new look for an old piece. This wardrobe had good bones but needed a facelift to really make it shine.

It's been refinished inside and out. It now has a more modern look while still maintaining its vintage charm.

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn
Two Become One | Rocking Horse Makeover - Signastyle Boutique

Two Become One | Rocking Horse Makeover

Finishing up this rocking horse today ?. It’s been a labor of love. I started out with 2 rocking was originally made for a special needs child and had a rather clunky base. The other reminded me more of a reindeer (can’t you just picture antlers on that beauty?). So I dismantled them both, cut down the legs of the one horse and reconfigured it to fit on the base of the other. Still planning on adding antlers to the sleeker horse and turning it into a reindeer but have to finish up this guy first. You can see the finished piece in person next weekend in my booth at Ruffles and Rust.

December 06, 2020 — gdg4rusticbarn