Wildflower Simmer Potpourri

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This simmer pot scent is incredibly lovely. Its floral fragrance is delicate, sweet, and earthy. It's the perfect scent to fill your home all year long! Simply place on the stove and ENJOY! These are great gifts for loved ones, teachers, friends, and coworkers! Just pour the entire contents of the jar into a pot of water and let it simmer on low. Once the water heats up, your home will be filled with the delightful aroma! As the water starts to decrease, simply add more to the pot and let it continue to simmer. This product can be used up to 4 times! When finished, let it cool, cover, and refrigerate. This blend will last up to 4 days once used. Each jar contains a beautiful mix of the season's best aromas, including dried grapefruit, lemon, vanilla bean, lavender, rose buds, honey suckle, blue cornflower petals, and chamomile flowers.

Each item includes one 16oz jar of dried spices, fruits and tag with directions.

Reuse jar when finished!