S - Only The Moon Knows Tealights - 4 Pack

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Energetically charged and dressed tea lights for manifesting. Only The Moon Knows is our Moon Manifesting blend that can be used in any moon phase. Use these to petition the moon with your intentions and prayers.


Scent: herbal blend and a hint of lavender

Dressed with : lemon balm , lavender , selenite dust & moon stone

These are being sold for work within your own spiritual practices, remember intention and your own power are the main factor in any manifesting. For this reason, we must state these are being sold as a curio only and are lovingly made according our spiritual practice. They have been energetically Charged by our shop owner who is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. SOLD AS A CURIO ONLY. Do not burn out of sight, make sure wick is trimmed ; that you practice regular candle safety while using this candle. We are not responsible for fires or damage cause by this candle.

Made in United States